I think it’s important for people who live in a neighborhood to feel connected to its history, to know how it was created and evolved, to get a feeling for the people who lived here before and helped it grow.

As I’ve researched local history over the years, I’ve come across lots of little historical nuggets I find interesting, and hope you might too. I would also like this to become a place to exchange Brookland memories and historical stories from all eras and points of view. Your comments and perspectives are more than welcome.

I’m Robert Malesky, and though I didn’t grow up in Brookland,  I have lived here for over five decades. I’ve lived in different parts of the neighborhood and have watched it evolve over the years. After a career as a journalist/producer for NPR, I retired and in 2010 published The Catholic University of America (which is still readily available!). I have given talks and written articles about CUA and Brookland history, and this blog is a way of continuing that interest.